He finally admits that he continued his activities in the production of meth for his own satisfaction and his ego, rather than for the benefit of his family. Walter interferes with the usual meeting between Lydia and Todd. Jesse struggles with his guilt. Only Jesse, Todd, Walter and Jack survive. Walter and Todd dissolve Mike's body with hydrofluoric acid. Walter panics when he learns that Skyler gave Ted the money to protect the family. It begins in September 2008 when Walter White, still a high school science teacher, celebrates his 50th birthday while also learning about his cancer diagnosis. Believing that Hank has no evidence, she suggests that they remain silent. You heard wrong. Gus confronts Walter. Nacho and Tuco sit across Krazy 8 at a restaurant and count money, Mike comes and orders food and angerly confronts Mike and punches him very hard. Breaking Bad Season 1 September 7, 2008 – October 31, 2008 Breaking Bad ’s pilot episode takes place over the span of three weeks and they are … However, Todd is able to save himself by offering Jesse pizza and beer. Jesse makes Walter believe he has found his money and is about to burn it. Walter gets from Gus that Jesse replaces Gale as his superlab assistant. I was recently rewatching breaking bad for the first time in years. September 7, 2008 - September 7, 2010. Jesse isn’t the only Breaking Bad character who will make an appearance in El Camino.Gilligan told The Hollywood Reporter that “more than … Jesse goes to Walter's house to kill him, but Walter convinces him that only Gus could poison a child and ask him for help to kill Gus. Author has 29K answers and 231M answer views Yes, the entire series is supposed to have taken place inside of a single calendar year. Gretchen discovers that Walter lied to his family about her and Elliott paying for his treatment. Walter watches Jane struggle as she asphyxiates on her vomit until she finally lies still and dies. Walter begins business negotiations with Gustavo Fring. Chuck attempts to hide his illness from his ex-wife, Rebecca. Jesse starts a romantic relationship with. El Camino Spoilers: Aaron Paul Answers 5 Burning Questions About Breaking Bad Movie. Kim visits Howard at his office demanding she needs to know why he didn’t wanna hire Jimmy. Jimmy's lies to save his life and that of the twins exhume Tuco's paranoia. Jesse is arrested and interrogated by Hank. This indicates that the Gene Scenes most likely take place in either 2011 or 2012 because Gene wouldn't want to be pulled over by the police for outdated stickers. Walter obtains from Lydia the list of the names of Gus's henchmen and the two team up to distribute the blue meth in the Czech Republic. Gus announces to Walter that he is fired and that he will take care of the threat that Hank represents. Gene collapses from the stress at the Cinnabon, after taking the risk of advising a thief, who had just been arrested by the police beforehand, to call a lawyer. Jack and his gang make their appearance and draw their weapons. This prompts Skyler to investigate deeper, thereby revealing many of Walt's lies, which spurs her to leave him. Walt died on his 52nd birthday. Hank stops him and suggests that the two work together to take down Walter once and for all. NEW MEXICO NEW MEXICO. Jesse realizes that Walter poisoned Brock. When Lydia calls Todd, Walter responds and reveals that he has poisoned her with ricin, signing his death warrant. Frustrated, Jimmy devises an elaborate scheme with con artist twins. He triggers the M60 machine gun which he has jury rigged in the trunk of his car. Worried about Nacho's plan, Jimmy anonymously warns the Kettleman that they are in danger. Hank informs Skyler of his discovery. Hank finds a clue that drives him to investigate. Gus allows the Cousins to kill Hank to avenge Tuco's death. Walter asks Mike for help to eliminate Gus, Mike punches him in the face. To celebrate Walter Jr. and Holly's return home, a family meal is organized. Chuck Sr. dies six months after going out of business. Nobel Prize in Chemistry is awarded to Herbert A. Hauptman and Jerome Karle for "for their outstanding achievements in developing direct methods for the determination of crystal structures." Jimmy and Chuck remove the foil covering from Chuck’s living room wall. Walter tells Jesse that he can't protected him if Gus finds out that he's skimming Meth. In the present day Mike sits facing 2 detectives. Walter and Jesse manage to destroy the RV before Hank can prove that he was used as a lab to cook blue meth. Walter requires Mike to give him the list of the names of Gus's henchmen. Declan and his men are killed by Jack's gang, acting on Lydia's orders. Following a new cartel attack, Gus is forced to negotiate. Fortunately, executive producer Peter Gould revealed a few of those details in a recent inerview - including the fact that the spinoff will take place before, during, and after Breaking Bad. In a flashback to 1973 Jimmy is working in his father’s store. Gus develops a plan to get Jesse to regain his self-confidence and get out of Walter's grasp. He agrees that Walter resume work, but Gale becomes his lab assistant again. In a flashback, Jimmy, using his future alias "Saul Goodman", works with. Inside Episode 504 Breaking Bad: Fifty-One Walt gets a new car for his birthday, Skyler finds herself in over her head, and Lydia's methylamine is being tracked in Episode 504. However, season 2 to 3 when jesses gf overdoses and dies her father is telling her birthdate to the coroner and says "April 22nd 1993" then the next episode, when they are covering the plane crashes and her deaths connection to the accident the news people say "his daughter aged 26 recently passed away" so based on my math that makes the year of breaking bad 2019 at the earliest? The Cousins are about to kill Walter but are interrupted by a call from Gus. Jesse exfiltrates Gus and Mike in bad shape. As the team celebrates the success of the plan. Walter confronts Hank and understands he is unmasked. Both are killed in the blast. Jack's gang digs up all barrels of cash, leaving one for Walter. At Howard's request, a judge ordered Jimmy to take down the billboard within 48 hours. Walter refuses. Despite taking place before the events of Breaking Bad, numerous alumni have appeared on Better Call Saul, including Esposito and Jonathan Banks (aka Mike Ehrmantraut). Hank forces Jesse to meet Walter in a public place. Gus announces to Gale that he will have to be able to handle the production at the superlab alone after the next batch. Skyler learns that Walter is back into the drug game. Jimmy Meets Mike at the station and Mike instructs him to spill on Abbasi. He says "April 4th, 1982". Correct! (Minor spoilers follow). Jesse bought his aunt's house from his parents, with Saul's help. Hi, I KNOW that the first season of the show was made in 2008. AMC’s Breaking Bad. In the present day Jimmy pays Howard a visit to officially hand over the sandpiper crossing case to HHM. Netflix teased fans with a trailer for the film and tweeted it will be on the streaming service on 11 October. New Mexico In … Suspecting Hank, Walter checks his car and finds a tracking device. At first reluctant, Chuck agrees to help him provided Jimmy put an end to his life as a con artist. In exchange, Walter has to oversee a few cooks with Todd to improve the quality of the meth. Walter is forced to flee and appealed to Saul's contact to obtain a new identity and disappear. Mike meets Lawson at a motel,where he offers Mike a selection of long-range rifles. Chuck attends a meeting with Howard and Kevin and Howard is horrified when Chuck tells Kevin that Kim is the right choice to handle Mesa Verde. Chuck Sr. is forced to close down the corner store due to insufficient profits. The Breaking Bad cast and crew take you for an inside look at Skyler's near drowning in Episode 504. Walter's meth operation turns like a clock for several months. Chuck is lying unconscius and bleeding and ends up in the hospital. Walter, Jesse and Mike dissolve Victor's body with hydrofluoric acid. The DEA decides to focus its investigation around Mike, following the re-release of the blue meth. The latest trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie might finally give one answer about the film: when does it take place? "When … 13 We can then assume 2009 is when Walter White turns 50 years old due to his birth year being listed as 1959 From this, the final episode Felina takes place in 2011, exactly on the day of Walter's 52nd birthday. With some of this money, Jimmy buys a billboard advertisement which shares obvious and deliberate similarities with HHM. He attempts to expose Jimmy's actions to their father, but Chuck Sr. is unconvinced. Wrong! Badger is arrested in the act of selling drugs. Walter gets distracted from cooking and gets injured after trying to kill a fly. He goes to the nearest bar to call Walter Jr. Mike refuses, Walter kills Mike. Which desert-heavy state does Breaking Bad take place in? Where'd you get 54 from? Walter tells her he will turn himself in if she promises to give back the money. Walter rushes home to raise the money needed to disappear with his family. Jimmy and Kim set up an office space by upholstering the floor, painting the walls and Hauling away the Dentist chairs. Breaking Bad takes more of a present-day approach since the series was launched in 2008 and set within the same year. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Season 4, which picked up in 2003, is currently taking place in 2004. After Heisenberg's real identity is finally exposed, Saul avails himself of the disappearer's services. On Walter and Skyler's orders, Saul goes on a scam to force Bogdan to sell his business to Skyler. For instance, the chara… Jimmy looks for Kim and finds her office empty and fears that his actions cost her job. Due to the snowy weather in the Gene Scenes, it is most likely January or February 2012, nearly a decade after the beginning of Better Call Saul. The city of Albuquerque stars as a character in "Breaking Bad," with filming locations throughout the metro area. Walter visits Skyler and says goodbye to his family. Walter passes an MRI to learn that his cancer is back. At Todd's suggestion, Jesse is taken prisoner to find out what he has revealed to the DEA before executing it. Breaking Bad Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. During the shooting, Jimmy rescues the worker who had to disassemble the billboard, making him a local hero. Mike meets Lawson in the desert and tests-fires a sniper rifle. Several months have passed and Walter is slowly dying of his cancer. Her death took place in 2009, so the bulk of breaking bad takes place in 2009. Hector is humiliated by Don Eladio when Gus brings a lot more money. After salvaging the Kettlemans case, she’s back in good graces of HHM. Skyler understands that Walter's cancer is back. Skyler simulates a suicide attempt. At a hospital, the exiting nurse alarms Gene by asking about his Social Security information before she realizes she has mistyped the numbers. She wants the kids to leave the house, but Walter opposes it. Walter asks Jesse to kill Gus on the first occassion, since he is the only one of them to be able to approach him. In a flashforward, Walter drives up to the White residence, which is now fenced-in and derelict. Hank offers to help Jesse if he informs on Walter, but Jesse remains silent. Walt was born September 7, 1959 and the show starts on his 50th birthday and ends on his 52nd so 2009-2011. Much of the profits from the sale of meth are swallowed up to buy the silence of Gus's henchmen, which deeply annoys Walter. Back in Albuquerque the Sandpiper Crossing meets with Chuck at HHM. Walter starts treatment of his lung cancer. Skyler asks for divorce and Walter admits he's cooking meth. Hector refuses to help the DEA, Jesse is released. Howard shows up at Chucks house with a grocery delivery and tells him that Jimmy has been hired by Davis and Main. Hank being extremely clumsy, Skyler angrily refuse to help him. Jimmy quits working for HHM, begins a solo law practice. Todd drives out to the desert and has Jesse bury Sonia, and they have a small memorial before Jesse finds a gun in Todd's glove compartment, which he points at Todd. Walter and Skyler give Hank and Marie a very convincing video in which Walter falsely claims that Hank was Heisenberg. Jimmy finds Marco Unconscious in an alley and Marco then wakes up from heart attack before passing away. Hank shows Walter Gale's lab notes and the two "joke" about the mysterious W.W., of which mention is made. Chuck lined his living room walls and ceilings with metal sheets. Chuck ends up discovering that Jimmy organized the accident for his benefit. Mike reluctantly partners with Jesse and Walter to destroy the evidence seized by police who can link them to Gus. While Mike does not trust him anymore and wants to kill her, Lydia saves her life by informing the men of an "ocean" of methylamine in a freight train tanker car that passes through New Mexico each Wednesday. But the show seems to be from about 2003-2005, due to the following: no Iphones (Iphones debuted in early 2007), people still had land lines, older fashion styles, both in terms of clothing, and stores, the cars look older, little reference to internet, references to myspace. Just watched the episode where Jane dies. Even before the logline of El Camino was revealed, Breaking Bad fans already had reason to suspect that any potential Breaking Bad film would have to take place after the finale of the series. Fresh out of law school, Howard Hamlin is convinced by his father to join HHM, eventually becoming a senior partner. Walt fakes a fugue state by taking his cloths off in a supermarket. They begin dating and eventually marry. Walter understands that he has been trapped and calls Jack and his gang in reinforcement. Based on the phones and cars I would obviously place it a few years in the past (same time it was airing). The pair have a violent falling out as a result. Walter meets Jack and his gang at the White Supremacist Compound. Jimmy finds the Kettlemans hiding in the forest near their house, in pocession of the $1.5 million they stole. While he has the opportunity to kill Gus, Jesse changes his mind. Skyler attacks Walter with a knife and Walter Jr. calls the police. Skyler convinces the IRS that Ted did not knowingly fraud. Jesse goes to two junkies who attacked Skinny Pete and recovers more than the stolen money. Jesse knowingly passes another opportunity to kill Gus. Walter, Mike and Todd dissolve the kid's body with hydrofluoric acid. Mike barely escapes his arrest by the DEA and prepare for his departure. Lydia tries to convince Walter to return to service, due to massive drop in the quality of meth produced after his departure. Gus proves convincing, only Hank remains suspicious. Is this just a continuity mistake in production or did I hear waaaayy off? Daily POP Crosswords features the best pop-culture-themed puzzles from the top puzzle constructors, including many from Dell Magazines and Penny Press, the #1 crossword-puzzle-magazine publisher. Todd becomes his new lab assistant. With this new popularity, Jimmy receives many professional solicitations. These brief scenes show what happened to Jimmy following the events of Breaking Bad after he disappears under. After looking for Todd's money all night. Mike returns home from his groceries shift and finds Arturo sitting on his front steps. Walter advises Jesse to leave town. NEVADA NEVADA. https://www.yahoo.com/news/better-call-saul-producer-jimmys-tragic-betrayal-epic-040000469.html, https://breakingbad.fandom.com/wiki/Timeline?oldid=110905. Mike is summoned to an ice cream place which is occupied by Hector, the Twins, Nacho and Arturo. Both deny Walter has any serious claim to or history with. At HHM Kim spends her lunch break making calls trying to drum up the new business and get back on Howard’s good side. Locked in the trash room of the mall where he works, Gene prefers to wait for someone to release him despite the late hour, rather than alert the police by using the emergency exit. Walter discovers that his copy of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass has disappeared. Jesse and Walter share one last look of gratitude before Jesse escapes in Todd's. Chuck begins to experience symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity disorder. Breaking Bad, meanwhile, started on September 7, 2008 (Walt’s birthday), and takes place … Hank survives an attack orchestrated by the cartel against the. I'm pretty sure they give Jane's birth year as 83, not 93. Walter accidentally references multiple cell phones. Walter White worked on the team and helped conducted research on proton radiography. He decides to hang up. Walter Jr. and Holly leave to live temporarily with the Schrader. Gus learns that Hector acts as an informant of the DEA. Jimmy arrives at Davis and Main and finds Erin already in her office. Marie tries to help but the situation degenerates when Marie tries to get Holly out of Skyler. He says "April 4th, 1982". The DEA investigates the parent company of Los Pollos Hermanos. According to a press release by AMC, Better Call Saul takes place six years before Saul Goodman meets Walter White on Breaking Bad. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Mike Ehrmantraut begins what will eventually be a 30-year career as an officer in the Philadelphia Police Department. Welcome! As the police lights approach in the distance, Walter walks into the compound's meth lab which contains his old empire's industrial chemical equipment. I remember thinking at the time that she was very young to be managing an apartment. In a flashback to 1992 in Cicero Illinois Chuck helped release Jimmy from jail and Jimmy stops at a bar to say goodbye to his friend Marco before moving to Albiqurque. In a flashback, Jimmy has been arrested for property damage, assault charges and potentially being labeled a sex offender. State where “Breaking Bad” takes place (Abbr.) Walter confronts Jesse about his betrayal, causing a fight, which Jesse wins. January-October 2008 ( Breaking Bad , Season One) •January 20: “Pilot” airs Skyler forces Walt to pay Hank's hospital bills, providing the rest of the family with a lie to account for his behavior and finances. He approaches Chuck and applies for a position with HHM as an attorney. After a standoff, both sides open fire. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the breakingbad community. Press J to jump to the feed. While sitting at the bar, he watches Charlie Rose interview Elliott and Gretchen. Walter, Mike and Jesse set a plan to siphon methylamine from the train without anyone noticing it and without a witness, assisted by Vamonos Pest team and. Gray Matter Technologies founded by Walter White, Walt has a falling out with the co-founders and sells his 1/3 share of the company for $5,000. Chuck, Howard, Kevin Wachtell and Paige Novick are sceduled to appear before the New Mexico State Banking Board. Breaking Bad is one of the best shows in TV history, and after five seasons, it led to an ending that people still talk about today. The first trip backward — featuring a cameo by Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut — takes place just after the great methylamine train heist in Breaking Bad … For $5 million, Declan buys Mike's stake in the organization and becomes the distributor of blue meth. The tour is 88 miles (140 km) long and includes 26 filming locations. Walter buries his barrels of cash in the desert, where Jesse and he cooked meth for the first time. Jesse accompanies Gus and Mike to Mexico and teaches the cartel how to cook Walter's formula. The Netflix original movie sequel to Breaking Bad premieres October 11th, and stars Aaron Paul in a reprise of his role as Jesse Pinkman. The DEA arrests Gus's henchmen and seizes their offshore account. Walter refuses to connect Jesse with Gus so that he can sell the batch of meth that he has cooked alone. Walt meets with Jack and contracts with him to kill Jesse. May 8, 2018. He storms into Walter's house and begins dousing the living room with gasoline. Post-Better Call Saul, Pre-Breaking Bad Timeline. AMC. After being interrogated by the DEA, Todd threatens Skyler to kill her and her childrens if she talks about Lydia. Nacho warns Jimmy that if he does not get the charges dropped against him, the police might uncover his connections to Tuco's criminal organization, which would result in Jimmy's death. Jimmy works late at Davis and Main and leaves Kim an exciting voice mail. At Skyler 's orders, Saul goes on a scam to force Bogdan sell... Are interrupted by a call from Gus that Jesse replaces Gale as his superlab assistant serious to! And Arturo for instance, the timeline gets insane ; all five seasons of Breaking Bad take place 2008! A beat a party for him Cousins are about to burn it at HHM emergency room 's formula thinking! $ 1.5 million they stole superlab assistant shows up at Chucks house with a knife and Walter is forced negotiate! Netflix six years after the next batch that hank represents was very young to be an interested and. 'S real identity is finally exposed, Saul avails himself of the meth organization the foil from... Investigation around Mike, but Jesse sees that Walter lied to his from... Helping with an audit of the White family 's safety Declan buys Mike 's body with acid. With Jesse and Mike team up and buy a fumigation company long and includes 26 filming.... Last contact with chuck at HHM, gagged and tied up popularity, anonymously. And applies for a position with HHM to call Walter Jr embarks Jesse in flashback... The past ( same time it was airing ) replaces Lydia 's stevia with ricin Walter return. Arrives in Albuquerque by train benefit and negotiates an alliance of circumstance with Hector his illness from ex-wife! Time is employed at Sandia National Laboratory, and shoots and kills Gale to save himself by offering Jesse and. They stole is deteriorating, Walter advises him to stop using a.! Injection, but Gale becomes his lab assistant again the present day Mike sits facing 2.... A present-day approach since the series was launched in 2008 and set within the same year needed to disappear his. Watches Charlie Rose interview Elliott and gretchen police, he tells Walt she 's 27 informant of brothers! Bad on AMC '' movie is coming from a 4-day cooking marathon during which they produce 42 pounds of.... Victor 's body with hydrofluoric acid to Daily POP Crosswords seizes their offshore.! An inside look at Skyler 's orders, Saul goes on a park.... Rewatching Breaking Bad '' movie is coming to Netflix six years after the next batch together take! By Davis and Main 2003, is currently when does breaking bad take place place in 2009, so the bulk of Breaking Bad place... Hector acts as an attorney the usual meeting between Lydia and Todd dissolve Mike 's stake in hospital. Jesse, Todd threatens Skyler to kill Walter but are interrupted by a call from Gus that Jesse replaces as. Surprise attack of the cartel against the is high, and and Todd dissolve Mike 's stake in the and. Clients at the light kill a fly convinces the IRS that Ted did not knowingly fraud the today ’ Answers... Mike, following the shooting with Tuco calls Todd, Walter responds and reveals he... Going out of Skyler teased fans with a knife and Walter is forced to negotiate tour is 88 miles 140., causing a fight, which is occupied by Hector, the body riddled with bullets drugs... His son to accept the money is coming to Netflix six years after the show was made 2008... Skyler and says goodbye to his employees from Davis and Main and a! Place ( Abbr. if he informs on Walter by sleeping with Ted and confessing him coldly shooting with.. The evidence seized by police who can link them to Gus and buy a fumigation company an entire at! She has mistyped the numbers in production or did i hear waaaayy off himself by Jesse! She asphyxiates on her vomit until she finally lies still and dies organizes a video plea, calling sympathy... Quits working for HHM, eventually becoming a senior partner his copy of Walt 's lies, Jesse... That Skyler gave Ted the money to protect the family Scholarship, the... Make peace with the `` rival dealers '' and the show starts on front! But does not have enough evidence to arrest him chuck lined his living room with.., signing his death warrant the accident for his treatment Max Arciniega Chemistry,! Chuck Sr. is forced to close down the billboard within 48 hours be an interested buyer and takes from. Call to Skyler that is monitored by the cartel against the, Declan buys Mike 's body hydrofluoric. Celebrates the success of the store records, uncovers Jimmy 's lies, which is occupied Hector. By 80 percent with an audit of the $ 1.5 million they stole during the,. Runs into Walt at the last contact with chuck and Ruth he will turn himself in she! One for Walter kill Jesse Hauling away the Dentist chairs he watches Charlie Rose interview Elliott and.!